ZW bracket and axle bearing




This product includes one pot bracket and one handle axle bearing.  Enough for replacement of the right Lionel handle parts.

Normally the right handle is the problem and you should not need to change out the left handle parts.  If you want to change that too order two sets for the same shipping price.

The handle axle bearing is tapered and fits only one way under the metal bracket covering the handle axles.  The flat portion of the bearing is probably thicker than you need.  Lay it flat side down, on sandpaper, on a flat surface and carefully remove what is need to get your handles slop just right for your liking.

The pot brackets are designed to mount the pots as low as they can go to the engage the gears as much as possible.  If this is too much shim up with small pieces of paper.  They are also stiffer than the originals.  I have only tested these with a ZW that has the new metal clamp plate.  If you have the plastic one I am not sure it will work.  You can get the metal part from Lionel here. Lionel ZW parts page

Item 17 6102859065 BRKT-ZW POT.ASSY MTNG L&RH

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