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Jimmy Trains Animator origin story

The Animator – Lightening and Animator – Feller were developed very rapidly. This happened almost by chance. This post will be about the origin of the idea and the work required to make it happen. Sometimes chance creates incredible things. It all started with this image this image it doesn’t look like much but what… Read More »

You tube community

One of the great things about youtube is how it can connect users in the hobby. I started my youtube channel years ago to share what I have been doing. I took a break and started a software company and changed careers to become a full stack engineer full time. Now that journey is well… Read More »

Modern hobos

The hobo tradition continues to present day but now its high tech. There are several hobo that have facebook and youtube channels. You get a front seat ride with them and get some great train action. Never before have you had this access. The once mystery shrouded lifestyle is now out in the open. Story… Read More »