Animator – Bandstand instructions

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Unpacking items

Your bandstand was shipped partially assembled. Carefully remove each layer from the box as shown using the finder holes in the cardboard. Then detach all the components by carefully removing the blue tape attaching each piece to the cardboard layer.

You should have the following parts.

  • Bandstand stage
  • One front preassembled spotlight scaffold (marked with A, B, C and D)
  • One rear preassembled scaffold (marked with A and B)
  • Two front to back scaffold pieces (one marked with As and one marked with Bs)
  • Left line array speaker, non operating (marked with D)
  • Right line array speaker, non operating (marked with C)
  • Two full range speakers, operating
  • Woodland scenics jug band
  • 5 volt microUSB power supply
  • microUSB adapter
  • Screws
  • Wire nuts
  • Stairs

Using the screws provided carefully attach the line array speakers. There is a left and right version and they go onto the preassembled spot light scaffold as shown. To aid in assembly each one has a letter on it. Match the corresponding letter on the speaker to the one on the scaffold. Attach with the screws provided.

Next attach the front to back scaffold piece to the front preassembled spotlight scaffold with the screws provided. To aid in assembly each piece has the letters A or B on them. Then attach the rear preassembled scaffold.

Power it up!

Turn the bandstand over and pull out the speaker wires and the switches. The switches are wrapped in bubblewrap. Remove the bubble wrap. Note: all wires are marked.

Attach the 5 volt power supply into the microUSB port on the animator controller (the black box). Next using the wire nuts provided attach the left and right speakers to the wires marked left spk and right spk. Make sure you match the white and grey colors or the speakers will be out of phase.

Plug the spot light cable in.

Everything should now be assembled. Plug in the power supply. The bandstand will initialize and “animations are active” should be heard.

Start the animation by pressing the left button. Stop the animation by pressing the button again.

The platforms should rotate and the spot lights should light up in sync with key moments in the music track.

Mount the figures

Mount the figures after you have established were your want your bandstand to go. The bandstand always starts with the platforms in the center location. Before mounting unplug the animator then plug back in. It will initialized the platforms to the center position. Once it says “animations active” unplug the bandstand.

The figures are pretty delicate so be careful when mounting. We recommend mounting them with a easily removable method. We have found hot glue to work pretty well. You can mount the figures as you like.

Find a location for you bandstand

The bandstand and the scaffold are separate pieces that can be placed one at a time. You will need to cut a holes for you speakers, the spotlight cable, 5 volt power supply and switches. Cut them large enough to pass the connectors through as needed.

We recommend not attaching the stage or scaffold permanently to the layout so that you can easily adjust the volume or put more songs on the microSD card. Note: The volume pot can be overridden in the menus if you choose to set the volume using the buttons.